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Parent Training Handouts and Resources

We offer Parent Training for parents of children with the most common problems and disorders, including behavior problems, anxiety, and depression. Click on the program your therapist/trainer recommended to find handouts and resources to supplement your training. 

Behavioral Parent Training Program Handouts

Parent Training - Anxiety Handouts

Point Charts and Contracts


Point Charts and Contracts

Behavior charts are a tool used to track and monitor a person's behavior over time. They typically consist of a grid or table with columns representing different periods (e.g., days of the week) and rows representing specific behaviors or goals the person is trying to achieve.

Behavior charts can be used in various settings, such as schools, homes, or therapy sessions, and are often used with children or individuals with developmental or behavioral challenges. They are designed to provide feedback and reinforcement for positive behavior, help identify improvement areas, and track progress over time.

When used appropriately and in conjunction with other positive behavioral interventions, behavior charts can be a helpful tool for promoting positive behavior and achieving goals. The sample behavior charts and trackers below are designed to use as is or as samples to spark your and your child’s creativity.  

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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